Soda and sugary drinks like gatorade, powerade, iced tea, lemonade, Sunny D, chocolate milk, and juice increase your risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and tooth decay.

Welcome to OPERATION: DEFEAT SODATRON.... a grassroots movement inspiring communities to rise up against BIG SODA'S efforts to target us with a drink known to cause illness. We aim to empower youth with the truth about SODA & SUGARY DRINKS so they can choose HEALTH, LIFE, & WATER over a path to chronic disease.

Who is SODATRON? SODATRON is the robotic tentacled BIG SODA monster who is aggressively selling our communities a drink known to cause disease. SODATRON CEO's make millions of dollars pumping us full of sugary poison while rates of sugar related chronic disease continue to escalate.

OUR ONLY HOPE of turning back SODATRON'S sugary assault is by coming together as one people to DEFEAT SODATRON!

IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS it's the people against greedy corporations who don't care about our health.


Download and print our posters, fact sheets, and letter to inspire your community to rise up and join our movement.



Download the FACT SHEET & LETTER



Download and print our DEFEAT SODATRON coloring page to engage youth in spreading the message through their art.



Encourage young artists to take the DEFEAT SODATRON oath..

"I will NOT drink soda & sugary drinks. INSTEAD I choose water."

Tag us at #DEFEATSODATRON with your artwork and videos or email them to us at



For older ages... Download our music and youth can practice rapping lyrics and verses over the instrumentals. Record your own versions & tag us at #DEFEATSODATRON or email us at
Check out the video below these tracks to see an example!

Together, we will prevail.

Peace, Love, & Strength,
Dr. Kevin Strong & the DTJ Crew