A Doctor's Thank You to Tom Brady

As a pediatrician, I see firsthand the devastating effects SODA has on a young child's body.  Encouraging a child to tackle and overcome  soda addiction is always a tough battle.  Youth are inundated with messages about the glorious life of Coke & Pepsi from sport stars like Drew Brees  and Lebron James.  

10 days ago a HISTORIC event in the global health movement to halt the soda fueled diabetes epidemic was dropped in our lap by the NFL's top quarterback. Tom Brady, aka TB12, unleashed a game changing denunciation of BIG SODA, calling SODA, "POISON FOR KIDS."   Check out the audio clip below if you missed it… 

As public health advocates, educators, doctors, and parents WE MUST AGGRESSIVELY PRAISE & PROPAGATE THIS BRAVE DENUNCIATION.  We must vigorously support Tom Brady's defection from the status quo; a status quo that pads the wallets of NFL execs & Big Soda fat cats while riddling the innards of our youth with poison pop.

THANK YOU TOM BRADY for helping me reach the throng of young Brady fans with this life changing message.  When we empower youth with the truth about the devastating effects of SODA, they choose HEALTH over a life of chronic disease and slow death. 


Kevin Strong, MD, community pediatrician, Founder of Dunk the Junk and the Leader of Operation: DEFEAT SODATRON