Commencing Counterattack --- OPERATION #DEFEATSODATRON


October 24th, 2014 - Food Day 2014 - DTJcrew launches OPERATION: DEFEAT SODATRON

The DTJcrew invites you to join the rebel mission to overthrow the evil SODATRON empire --- OPERATION: DEFEAT SODATRON

 SODATRON has penetrated our communities, spewing out mistruths about the glorious life of SODA… OPEN HAPPINESS, LIVE FOR NOW, SHARE A COKE,  A COKE and a SMILE… while the truth remains SODA is slowly killing us.  The DTJ crew is a youth nation committed to spreading the truth about SODA through a digital counterattack utilizing clever reverse branding.  SODA is NOT HAPPINESS; it is diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, and early death.

 While the BIGSODA CEO's rake in the Benjamins, the innards of millions are being toxified by their poisonous products.  Like we did with BIG TOBACCO, it is time to STAND UP to BIG SODA…. Let the counterattack commence… OPERATION: DEFEAT SODATRON.

WANT IN?  Join the DTJcrew with 2 simple steps.

1) BOYCOTT:  Refuse to drink SODA and sugary drinks for 1 month, instead choose water or white milk.

2) CONNECT:  Send an email to the DTJcrew at expressing your desire to join OPERATION: DEFEAT SODATRON.   Include a photograph or drawing of yourself wielding a vegetable in a fierce pose.  


Somewhere in the photo or drawing you should include the words….DEFEAT SODATRON. 

FREE DEFEAT SODATRON POSTER for the first 100 crew members who recruit 3 friends or family members to the mission (adults, parents, grandparents, etc  are permitted).   When your recruits send in their CONNECT email to ….please ask them to credit you so we can keep track. 



On the GRIND,