SODATRON -The Beginning


Sodatron – The Beginning


The children play outside.  They like to run in the green and orange woods, finding special stones and drinking water from creeks.  As it gets dark, they sneak back to their homes, to the cities and towns, with their treasures.  They are happy in their tired muscles.


They wake up hungry, thinking about the green and the orange.  They want to play, so they stuff their pockets with nuts and raisins, drink glasses of milk, run outside.  Today is the quest for sticks and feathers, so they must be fueled and be fast.  They run.


Three of them, two boys and a girl, stay behind.  They want to see the New Thing that is coming to the cities and the towns.  A sign on a wall told them it was going to be green.  A computer screen told them it was going to be orange.  And good to drink.  The New Thing, the screen said, would make them happy.


All the children say goodbye to their three friends and run and play and laugh.  They chase for green and orange around the city and in the fields.


They return at sunset, tired and happy, carrying wild carrots and field apples for their three friends. Where are they?  There are no colors in the city; even the sunset has no orange sky.  No one is playing in the streets, and the children begin to wonder if the New Thing is here.  They see a red glow coming from apartments and houses.  They creep to every window and peek.


Sodatron is there.

Sodatron is on the screens.  Families are still and sitting, locked in his gaze from the screen.  Sodatron is saying something.  And the families are drinking something.  


Is it green?  Are they drinking happiness?